Effective from 27 November 2018 Peter McVerry Trust took on the operations and management of Stepping Stone Accommodation. Stepping Stone Accommodation continues to exist and operate as normal with all tenants continuing to receive support and 29 units secured for future use as social housing.

This follows a 12-month process whereby Peter McVerry Trust engaged with the then Board and Management of Stepping Stone Accommodation with a view to taking on its work and operations.

Following the appropriate due diligence and scoping exercises this process was formally concluded on 27 November 2018 at a Stepping Stone Board meeting when Peter McVerry Trust representatives took up all Board of Director positions.

The day-to-day operations of Stepping Stone will continue as normal under the management of Peter McVerry Trust and all Stepping Stone tenants of the new arrangements prior to them coming into effect. All 29 social housing units that Stepping Stone Accommodation own are secured for the social housing sector now and in the future.

If you have any queries in relation to Stepping Stone please email

Stepping Stone is an approved housing body and a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing

Company Number 9751601U

Charity Number CHY8209